Here’s a super-simple system I started using a little over a year ago, that’s really starting to churn out some incredible returns. It’s definitely not instant, but if you set it up and stick with it, you’ll find you can build a substantial crypto bank too.

It uses a simple reliable website that lets you by shares in their internal crypto investing for $10 each. Each of those shares then go to work for you, returning… on average… 10-15% over the next six months.

At that time you can reinvest in another share earning 20-30% on your month each year!

Now obviously a $10 share isn’t going to get you where you want to go, but…

When the compounding effect kicks in, especially with 20-30% annual returns… it really starts to add up. So if you’re prepared to add to this regularly, and keep rolling over your investments, in six months time you’ll see things really take off!

That’s how I got started…

I bought 10 shares to kick it off, then went back once a month to buy 4 more. I was basically looking to invest just $10 per week in this.

After six months my initial shares started to mature, so I just logged in once a month to roll those over and buy some extra shares with the profits. There’s a referral program built in, so between those commissions and my maturing interest, I was soon adding a few extra shares each month.

Twelve months in the compounding interest is substantial, even though my cash investment so far is less than $700… and at $10 a week I barely noticed it going out!

The standard warning applies of course… if it’s high return then it’s high risk!

So I’m withdrawing some profits from time to time just to reassure myself that everything is still working and above board. These withdrawals are sent straight into my crypto wallets… Bitcoin or Ethereum… and I’m letting those balances grow quietly in the background ready for the next bull market!

For the most part though, I’m reinvesting everything. The growth is accelerating and my projects show it going ‘exponential’ if I keep it going another 4-6 months!

Are you ready try it for yourself?

This really is quite simple. Just click the link below, register a free account and have a bit of a look around. The platform offers a number of advertising products as well, but if you can safely ignore those.

Just look for the ICO Club link in the left-hand menu and buy your first shares. It’s worth buying at least two initially… and then just set your own schedule/reminders to go back and add to it on a regular basis!

Join the WeeklyICO Club Here

A few additional thoughts…

The site is very much in the ‘internet marketing‘ niche… so there’s a lot of emphasis on the advertising part of the package. And it can come across asa little tacky if you’re new to that niche.

Don’t let that put you off… this works!

It’s cheap, reliable and extremely profitable… if you stick with it!

Fast Track your results with the affiliate program…

There is a referral program built-in, so make sure you take advantage of that… it can provide the funds for a few extra early shares, which will multiply themselves as the returns start compounding.

If you have a website, add a banner or two.

Consider writing a post along these lines… just share your experience with your readers.

If you’re active on social media, tell your connections what you’re up to and invite them to look it over and share their thoughts…  some are sure to give it run too!

Growth Versus Income?

I was a total skeptic, so I’ve withdrawn a fair amount of money along the way to satisfy myself that this was legit and to ensure I wasn’t risking too much if it all fell apart.

In hindsight, if I’d left it all there and let it grow, I’d be several months further along by now. That’s OK… that’s just my risk profile. If you decide to try this out, you’ll need to come up with your own strategy.

For now, take a look and see if it suits your plans? If you’re not sure, consider buying a couple of shares and just let it run… I’m pretty confident you will be impressed!

Join the WeeklyICO Club Here