The Best Low-Cost Cryptos For 2020

Most of the gurus agree, the price of Bitcoin is on the move. With the ‘halving‘ coming up later this year, many people expect to see the previous highs smashed as Bitcoins takes off on another massive bull run.

The problem for most people is that Bitcoin is already out of reach. A price of $100,000 per coin sounds great if you already own it, but if you can only afford a small fraction of a coin, the coming bull market is hardly going to be life-changing.

Unless You Forget About Buying Bitcoin!

The thing to remember is, Bitcoin tends to drag all the other cryptos with it when it makes a move. So while most of us can’t run out and buy a few Bitcoin on a hunch, we can all put together a portfolio of low cost cryptos that have a real chance of taking off in the next Bitcoin bull run.

The download below reveals my top 10 picks for low cost cryptos that I expect to do extremely well in 2020. In fact, some are so strong right now I expect them to do well even if Bitcoin doesn’t!

And all of them are seriously under-valued right now

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Special Bonus:  2 Valuable Watchlists

As a special bonus, I’ve included my current watchlists for Super Cheap Cryptos (<$1) and Low Cost Cryptos ($1-$5). These are cryptos that I’ve thoroughly researched and added to my buy list, that I’m adding to my portfolio when their respective prices pull back.

That standard disclaimers obviously apply… do your own due diligence and research, and only ever invest money you can afford to lose.

But realistically I’d expect all of these to increase in price if Bitcoin makes any serious move up. If Bitcoin reaches it’s previous highs, these guys could do the same… which will be a 10x gain for most.

And many of them have the underlying fundamentals to go a whole lot further after that, so my plan will be to take a small profit when they hit those previous highs, and then let the rest run!

Make sure you’ve got a piece of the action!