Stop Wasting Time, Effort & Money Chasing Free Cryptos!

Bitcoin is on the move again and anyone who knows anything, knows that NOW is the time to get your hands on as much crypto currency as you can...

But in that mad rush, a lot of really smart people are making some really dumb mistakes...


I'm sure you've seen plenty of websites promising you all kinds of options to earn  cryptos... all free and easy, no money down... just trust us. Yeah, right!

It's a common enough business model that looks good on the surface.

Promote the site and earn commissions from your referrals actions...

And then use those commissions to upgrade and start making even more...

It sounds nice but it's doomed to fail because EVERYONE is doing the exact same thing...

No one ever puts up the cash

So no one ever makes commissions

So no one ever earns a cent.

The website doesn't care because they're getting loads of visitor traffic. But all you're doing is building a worthless downline of freebie-seekers!

Even worse are the outright scams that we know are far too good to be true, but people just like you and I fall for them every day. They tell themselves "it's all new technology that I don't really understand, so it could be true..."

Well I'm here to tell you, there are plenty of LEGIT crypto programs out there that will deliver EXACTLY as promised, if you get it right...

So Don't Write Off The Crypto-Programs Just Yet...

You see, many of these programs CAN be quite lucrative... if you do three simple things...

Filter out the LOSERS, Invest in the WINNERS and Sign-up BUYERS

These re all referral programs of one kind or another, so they are only going to pay if they have something people will to pay for. So you need to pick the right program and bring in the right people.

The good news is, IF you can find the very best programs AND bring in people prepared to do the work and spend their money to get the results they're seeking… then these programs can be incredibly lucrative.

But you need to be realistic...

No matter how good the program, the vast majority of people are
NEVER going to do the work or invest the funds to make it work.

That's Why We Only Work With Action-Takers!

We're only work with people who are prepared to invest... time effort and money... to get to where they want to go.

So yes, if you decide to join us today: WE ARE going to ask YOU to do some work AND spend some money

(Which means this is the point where the vast majority of our visitors up and leave the site. But that's OK though... that's the plan!)

Since it also means, if you’re still here, you get it!

So that makes you the kind of person we want to work with!

So now it’s just us, lets get down to it

Crypto Are Going Big...

Cryptos Are In A Long-Term Bull Market

Bitcoin is on a tear and it’s going to drag a whole lot of other altcoins with it.

You might have heard talk of the ‘Bitcoin Halving’ coming up later this year… that’s a major bullish event and the effects are already being seen. And because Bitcoin is so big, it has the ability to impact the whole crypto market.

Short version: any legit crypto currency you get your hands on now is going to be worth a whole lot more next year.

So our strategy here is to create free accounts in multiple different crypto-paying programs that we have personally tested right up to a cash withdrawal. (We'll come back to the testing process shortly!)

Some pay commissions on your referrals purchases, others let you generate income through mining or trading etc. Either way, we leverage your efforts with referrals and reinvest your profits in the winners.

And we also show you how to lock-in a portion of our profits, by regularly moving some of your winnings into more secure holdings.

And to keep it really simple,

You can achieve all this simply by promoting your link to this website.

And because we are a paid program, you'll know everyone you sign up is on the same page as you... and the kind of person who will follow through, do the work and invest in their future.

I’ll explain the exact kind of websites in our portfolio in a minute, but first I want to explain how we got here, and why that is going to work so well for you…

My Most Successful Failure!

A few years back I helped set up a downline builder program that let people grow downlines in about dozen different crypto and cash generating programs.

It was based on a proven system I’d used before in other niches and it's still going strong today with over 3500 members!

We included a few simple options to generate some initial cashflow, so our Members could then re-invest into some of the paid programs…

So they could get started with no out-of-pocket expense.

And to motivate everyone to keep at it, we ran extensive (and expensive) advertising campaigns to generate additional signups for everyone…

And it worked a treat... for some people.

Those who did the work and kept re-investing their profits were soon generating some handy income. While those who were able to invest some cash up-front got there even faster…

But for all that, 95% of the people who signed up did absolutely nothing!

As a Downline Builder, the program has been an amazing success.

As a Crypto-Accumulator, it was a dismal failure.

In hindsight, the free-entry was a mistake.

It's forced us all to waste far too much time, effort and money recruiting people who are NEVER going to do anything with it.

So now we’re taking everything we’ve learned and starting over...

We have a much better understanding of the industry,

We are more skilled at picking the winners and losers early, and...

We are much more selective about who we work with!

3 Pillars of our approach

Here's what that looks like in practice...

1. We’re Only Interested In Working With Buyers

Unfortunately free just doesn't work. Most people don't place any real value what they don't pay for, and  no investment = no commitment or motivation…

So this time around we’re putting an entrance fee on it to ensure we only attract genuine action-takers... people who understand how the world works and are prepared to help themselves!

2. We will Test, Review and Update Our Portfolio Constantly

Most people can spot the outright scams but it's a lot harder to assess those borderline programs that look legit and appealing...

So we'll put our money where our mouth is, and any time we add a new program  to the portfolio, we'll invest our own cash to see if it really delivers.

We won't recommend ANY program as a Buy until we've made a successful cash withdrawal.

We’ll still list all programs as soon as we join, to let everyone get in early... we don't want you to miss out on any winners while we do our thing... but this way you can hold onto your cash until we get that first confirmation that everything is on the up and up.

If we ever have any concerns… or our Co-op Members report any issues… we’ll alert everyone. We’ll keep your downlines intact in case the issues are resolved, but we won't recommend a Buy on any program that we aren't 100% confident in.

3. All Entrance Fees will be invested in Co-op Advertising

We’re not doing this to sell memberships! The modest fee is purely to scare off the freebie-seekers and tyre-kickers...

So we'll be putting that revenue into additional advertising for the whole group, with all sign ups being shared randomly among our Members.

You will still need to promote your own links yourself if this is going to work for you, but this might get you a nice bonus from time to time!

How The Crypto Generating Programs Work...

Your crypto-program portfolio is a hand-picked selection of referral programs that all generate some sort of crypto-related revenue.

  • > Some generate profits through mining.
  • > Some achieve it through trading currencies.
  • > Some invest in ICOs.
  • > Some provide business services.
  • > Some sell advertising and marketing.
  • > Some have their own unique approach.

Your portfolio provides a balanced mix of innovative new-tech business models that generate revenue through various activities, and more traditional businesses that pay you commissions on in-demand products and services.

Either way, you are paid in crypto-currencies... so your holdings are going to skyrocket in value as this bull-run continues.

This is a dynamic selection. We are always on the lookout for new additions we can test, and as our membership grows, we expect to hear about more new programs even sooner.

We'll continue to assess those by the same qualifying criteria...


The programs we love here are those that make a modest, sustainable return

Easy Payouts

They have a track record of paying out promptly, simply and reliably


They have easy options to re-invest your profits and scale up your holdings


They put a Dollar Value on your holdings, so you can measure your progress in real terms


They work with exchange listed cryptos, so you can actually use your profits immediately


They have an underlying product or service that has a legitimate purpose and real world value

So that’s our Crypto Cash Co-op in a nutshell…

We work together to promote a series of tested, proven crypto programs,so you can grow a strong downline in each, to multiply your returns and achieve your goals so much faster.

This is a paid program so there are no free-loaders or tyre-kickers... the people who join you will be proven action-takers who are prepared to invest time and effort and money, to make this work.

So your downlines will be generate real commissions faster than you ever thought possible!

Not every program will be a winner, but if most of them are even a little bit profitable, that will quickly add up...

And if even a couple of them really take off, then we could all do really well.

When you consider that we already have several quality programs in the portfolio that have been growing and paying out consistently for quite some time… then that seems pretty likely!

So when you come on board today:

You’ll get immediate access to those winners,

Plus those new programs that have passed our initial testing,

Plus you can get in early on those that are still under review…

You can sign up for free at all of them, and then manage and grow your portfolio as you see fit.

You Can Do This Entirely At You Own Pace

We'll give you all the information you need to model our success... and we'll encourage you to get in on the winners we uncover... but you are always in the driver's seat, so you decide when to move on to the next step...

Step 1. Set up your accounts and then get to work promoting this site to grow your downlines in each of the crypto programs.

Step 2. Monitor your free allocations and make a few withdrawals confirm for yourself that they are legit.

Step 3. Make small investments in those you like and trust, again building your confidence without risking too much.

Step 4. Roll your early profits over into more substantial stakes, to ramp things up.

Step 5. Lock-in profits by withdrawing your winnings to your independent crypto wallets. (We can show you how to do this too!)

Doesn’t that sound better than investing time, effort and money in promoting random crypto programs that might not ever deliver?

Doesn’t that sound better than joining every flash new program you encounter, trying to cover all bases, just in case one of them turns into a major winner?

With the Crypto Cash Co-op, you build downlines in all of these programs, quickly and easily, and then you choose to invest only when you are ready.

Here It Is Again: The Crypto Cash Co-op System!

1. Sign up now and we’ll have you started in 5 minutes or less.

2. Set up each of your portfolio programs... you might have some already!.

3. Promote your link… as soon as you start promoting, we'll add it to our rotator to help you out as well!

4. Grow your network here and you automatically grow it in dozens of different crypto generators.

5. Invest a small amount of cash to speed things up... whenever you’re ready.

6. Reinvest your profits to seriously ramp it up as your confidence grows!

We give you a simple checklist for what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (each program has slightly different rules).

Plus we’ll give you our Recommended Upgrade Checklist… which tells you which programs are going to get you the quickest results... so you’ll have additional funds to reinvest as soon as possible.

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll give you our best 10 set-and-forget traffic programs, that will promote your referral link automatically and indefinitely once you set it up…

And best of all, you can get started immediately for a one-time payment of just $17.

So if you’re ready to jump-start your own crypto portfolio... If you’re sick of wasting time on people who want everything done for them... If you want to join a winning team with a proven system…Then click the link below to get started...


Get Instant Access Now

Yes Please! I'm keen to get to work on my crypto portfolio today. I understand I'll get full and immediate access to:

  • The current Buy-Now list of fully-tested Crypto Generating Programs.
  • The current Hold-Watchlist so I can get signed up with those as well and start building a free downline while we wait for final confirmation.
  • Full access to all new programs and reviews that are added in the future.
  • Full documentation and instructions for creating the required accounts and managing my crypto portfolio.
  • The 10-Step Traffic Plan to start promoting my Crypto Cash Co-op link.

P.S. This is a one-time payment that gets you instant access to our exclusive system. There is no free access option…there's no coupons or discounts and there won't be any pop up offers when you leave.

This is it. Buyers only.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence fake scarcity or urgency either... take as long as you want to think it over and please don't come on board unless you are 100% prepared to work the system..

Just know that when you do, every single person you bring in is going to be on the exact same page as you... they'll be action-takers and proven buyers.

And when you take those kinds of people into a powerful portfolio of proven crypto-earning programs, you can be 100% confident that they will do the work, promote the site, grow their network, upgrade programs and buy stuff...

Which is all money in the bank for you!

P.P.S. If you have questions, you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions below. But realistically, if you’ve read this far, then it’s clear you’re the kind of thoughtful and deliberate person we want to work with…and that you see the potential and like our approach…

So I’ll look forward to seeing you on the inside!


Frequently Asked Questions

What If A Program Stops Paying?

The minute we lose confidence in any program in our portfolio, we will drop it’s rating from Buy to a Hold. Your referrals will still be encouraged to sign up so you keep your downline growing, but we won’t list it as a Buy until the issues have been resolved and explained to our satisfaction.

If it becomes clear the program is a dud or a scam, we’ll blacklist it immediately… we’ll drop it entirely from the downline builder, and recommend no one touches it!

You can continue to promote if you don’t agree with our assessment, but this site will only work if we are ruthless and our Members know it!

How Do You Test and Review Programs?

We’ll we’ve been at this for a while and we’ve got a pretty good nose for BS. So a lot of the time a quick look at the website tells us all we need to know.

If a site passes that test, we’ll sign up, study the documentation and then do some online research into the website and the founders. If there are no alarm bells after that, we will make a small cash deposit to test the system.

We will add the new program to our portfolio at that stage as a Hold, so our members can get in immediately and establish a downline.

We won’t upgrade it to a Buy, until we’ve earned enough to make a successful cash withdrawal. After that, it is entirely up to you whether you invest or not, or how much you want to risk on it, so you should still complete your own due diligence.

Do You Ever Get It Wrong?

We have in the past and we probably will again.

We do our best to eliminate any questionable programs during our reviews, but there is always a chance that any program might stop working for any number of reasons.

So we recommend you wait until we get our own cash withdrawal before investing yourself. And you should always aim to scale in with a small deposit and increase your stake by reinvesting profits rather than just investing your own cash.

It should go without saying...there’s no guaranteepast performance does not guarantee future results… so you should proceed with caution and only ever invest funds you can afford to lose!

(And always lock-in a portion your profits regularly, just in case things change!)

Our co-op approach is designed to minimise your risk as much as possible... but we will never claim to have eliminated it altogether.

Cryptos are high risk by definition... but that is why the rewards can be so high. If you want the high rewards you have to be prepared take on some risk...

Our goal here is to manage that risk as effectively as possible! 

Can I Recommend A New Site To Add?

Definitely! You can suggest new programs anytime. If we're not already involved… and it looks like a strong candidatewe will join under you and test it out.

If it passes our tests, we will add it to our roster here and you will have the entire Crypto Cash Co-op network in your downline!

Just be aware, we'll probably have multiple people recommending the same program, so we’ll make sure we sign up under the first person to notify us

So if it’s not you, it just means someone else got in first!

I Don't Understand Cryptos...

You don't need any special skills or knowledge to set this up. If you can fill out a web form and click submit, you can do this.

You will need a Crypto Wallet, but we show you how to set that up at the very first step. After that it's just filling out some more forms and then promoting your link.

Once you're set up we've got lots of crypto-related resources if you want to learn more.

Aren’t These Just Pyramid Schemes?

Not at all!

Legit referral marketing is a powerful way to promote products and services, and is particularly popular online.

Where the alarm bells start going off is when the business requires you to buy something before you can promote it, or any time you are only earning from the sign-up fees your referrals have to pay...

So every program in our portfolio is totally free to join and promote. And just as importantly, you earn your commissions on the purchases, transaction fees or actual deposits of your referrals.

We also look for a genuine benefit to buying the product or service on offer, without taking part in the affiliate/referral program.

What we do look for from the affiliate program, is the ability to seriously leverage your efforts with a little extra work. We understand that most people coming though here probably have more time than cash right now, so we want programs that will reward you for helping them grow!

That is legit referral marketing and we are totally happy promoting those programs.

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