Best Free & Low Cost Crypto Mining Sites for 2020

There’s a lot of talk lately about the Bitcoin Halving coming up in 2020, and while there’s a lot of different views on just how much that might impact on the price of Bitcoin, the general consensus is that is will impact positively, and those increases are going to benefit a lot of other crypto currencies as well.

So that makes ‘right now’ the best time to make sure you are accumulating as many different crypto currencies as possible. If you have the funds to invest, that can seriously speed things up… check out our list of Best Low-Cost Cryptos To Buy Right Now

If you haven’t got much cash to spare, your next best option might be to set up some cloud mining accounts. The catch here is that low-end mining contracts can take a long time to get profitable… sometimes 12-15 months or more… so it follows that free or low cost contracts are going to be VERY low earners.

So anyone who promises you a big return from a free cloud mining contract is probably lying… if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The common scam is to let you mine for free and accumulate a load of coins. Then when you go to ‘make a withdrawal you find you need to make a deposit first … to confirm your identity… but the withdrawal never makes it back to your account and the deposit is lost…

That said, a lot of legit operators will give you a small mining contract to test out their system. So if you do your homework and search out established… and legit operators… and don’t get seduced by too good to be true returns…  you can set up a portfolio of small earners that together can generate a useful return over time.

With that in mind, here’s the best options we’re currently using to accumulate a range of different currencies… quickly, easily and totally free of charge!

If you’re using any of these, please help out our other readers and give them a vote (Up or Down!). Likewise, if you have any other recommendations, please post a comment or send us a link and we’ll look at adding it.

Nice Miner - Ethereum

Nice-Miner allows users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without having to manage their own hardware, and is currently my preferred Ethereum Miner.

You can get started with 50GH/s for free to test the system, and then add to that with your profits and/or some cash, as you get more comfortable with the system.

It's all set-and-forget, so even if you're not convinced, you can create an account now, and you can let it run in the background for a while, until you make up your mind.

Claim Your Free NiceMiner Account


Doge Black Mining

DogeBlack is everything I look for in a free mining platform.A lot of these sites make big promises to get you signed up, but DogeBlack delivers...

  • They give you an allocation that actually accumulates something worthwhile,
  • You can see real results quickly, so you know it's working, and...
  • My test withdrawals went through quickly and easily.

A free mining account will make you just over 40 Dogecoin per hour... not much I know... but it's free, hands-free and compounding, so you can reinvest your earnings and really move things along.

Want to get serious... let it run for a few weeks and then withdraw your earnings. You can then use those to make a deposit... 15,000 Dogecoin will make 6.4%, or 940 Dogecoin per day.

Let it run again until you've got 90,000 for your next deposit... that will earn you the top level of interest... and 6300 Dogecoin per day!

From there you can just rinse and repeat... reinvest your capital as each contract expires, and make a new deposit any time you have profits available. Stick with it for a few months and you'll be amazed how quickly it grows.

Claim Your Free DogeBlack Mining Account

You can significantly increase your earnings wit ha few referrals, so make sure you post a few links to your social media account ,blogs or websites.


Worm Miner

Worm Miner will give you a fully-hosted mining rig for 2 months to test their system. I'm only part way through my trial, but so far it's delivering as promised, and I'll probably reinvest the profits when I'm done with a bit of extra cash to upgrade my rig... I'll update this post when I do.

Other features of this site worth noting include a generous referral program... so make sure you share your own referral link! Plus there's a weekly lucky number draw and you can use some of your profits to buy tickets. The odds are pretty steep but it might appeal to some people.

Check out Worm Miner Here


Pool-X Mining Staking Platform

Pool-X is a combo platform that lets you participate in both crypto mining a PoS staking operations. It's quite new and currently only offers 4 currencies, but the prospects look incredible and this is a great chance to get in early with a small stake. Check it out here.



Bitmain is a Chinese mining company aiming to make an impact. Right now you can sign up for free and receive a 500GH/s account... no cost or obligation.If you want to add to it, you can 'purchase' additional hardware mining units for a period of one month.

This is a relatively new operator, so I haven't purchased any additional mining power yet, but I like the way this is set up. A lot of miners lease the power to you for extended periods, so if a coin stops being profitable, you're stuck with it.

With BitMain, your contracts are short-term... and very affordable... so you can adapt your strategy, quickly and easily, as required.

Claim Your Free Mining Account @ BitMain


Already Own Cryptos?

Perhaps the best passive revenue option these days is Crypto Staking… simple holding your cryptos is a suitable wallet or contributing to a pool, so they can be used to validate transactions.

Quite a few cryptos offer double-digit annual returns for staking, so it’s definitely worth checking out. You can find out Quick Start Guide To Crypto Staking here.